About George Miguel:

Raised on Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley, music was central to singer-songwriter George Miguel’s childhood. 

“My mom played old school Country Music, especially Willie and Johnny, and lots of Elvis,” says George Miguel.  “My dad played the Blues and music of great guitarists, like Clapton and Stevie Ray Vaughn.”

Music also ran in the family.  “I have two cousins and brothers, who really inspired me. One is a hell of a guitar player, and he would show me stuff, push me to get better; another worked in record shops. He would give me CD’s, take me to shows and talk to me about music all the time. They all helped me grow a lot musically.”

With these roots, it’s no surprise that George Miguel’s original work in the Americana genre reflects a deep passion for Country Music and the foundations of Rock.

Of his songs, George says, “You can write words and melodies, but creating meaningful words and melodies is another story. Getting in touch with the part of you that wants to express truth can be difficult – it feels risky.”   Like many great musicians, though, every meaningful moment in his life has been processed through music.  “That’s why I write songs,” he says, “the process is the reward!”

George Miguel released his first full-length album of original songs in November of 2014, California.  The album was produced by the legendary, Grammy-Award Winning Pete Anderson (Dwight Yoakam, Lucinda Williams) and recorded at his studio in Glendale, California.  The album also features former Tower of Power member Lee Thornburg on trumpet.

His next collection, Baby, is out now.

George performs regularly with his band and as a solo artist in California, Arizona, and throughout the American Southwest. 


“…With vocals that might draw comparisons to Merle Haggard, Johnny Cash…George stands out from the crowd…a delivery style that evokes the raw traditionalism of decades past. …You won’t often find a voice this rich or full and yet quintessentially country in the Americana scene…he also writes songs in the kind of simple but effective way that the legends of country pioneered.”

“…George is a gifted songwriter and musician. The lyrics draw from the nostalgic sound of ‘Sundown In LA’ and cast a vivid eye…and conveys many more complex emotions.”

“‘California’, the album that observes the many facets of the state’s people and cultures as well as asking questions about who they are and where they are headed, is now available on iTunes.”

Vickye Fisher, For The Country Record